A History of the Descendants of
Carl and Veronica (née Modrzejewska) Schwertfeger
in the United States

Ahnenforschung die Familie Schwertfeger
in den Vereinigten Staaten

Key Surnames in the United States:   Schwert, Patz, Schlee, Rebescher

Familiennamen in Westpreußen:   Schwertfeger, Patzke, Schlia, Rebeschke is the product of the contributions of several family history researchers. We seek your assistance in helping us to develop the genealogical histories of the Schwertfeger, Schwert, and related families.

This web site is maintained by Donald P. Schwert, great great grandson of Carl and Veronica (née Modrzejewska) Schwertfeger (Schwert). Correspondence can be mailed to: Donald P. Schwert, 300 Broadway N #204, Fargo, ND 58102-4720 U.S.A.

For purposes of privacy, it is the policy of to host information only on those family members who are deceased.

Last site update: 10 October 2019