Pauline Rosalie Schlija / Schlee
(1879 - 1879)

On October 2, 1879, Pauline Rosalie Schlija was born in Lagschau, West Prussia. The village is now Łaguszewo, located about 25 km south of Gdansk, Poland. Pauline was a daughter of August and Francisca (née Schwertfeger / Schwert) Schlia / Schlee. Ledger records indicate that Paulina was baptized on October 5, 1879. Franz and Julianna (née Schlija/Schlia) Schwertfeger are listed as witnesses. Franz was the brother of Francisca, and Julianna was sister to August.

Pauline died in Lagschau of unknown (unbekannt) factors on November 8, 1879. We do not know where she was interred.

Parents of Pauline Rosalie Schlija / Schlee:

Documents and Other Artifacts:

  • None is maintained by Donald P. Schwert, great great grandson of Carl and Veronica (née Modrzejewska) Schwertfeger (Schwert). We seek your assistance in helping us to develop this family history. Correspondence can be mailed to: Donald P. Schwert, 300 Broadway N #204, Fargo, ND, 58102-4720 U.S.A.

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