Family and Descendants of
John Oscar Patz
(1930 - 2005)

Spouse: Elizabeth ("Betty") Viola Morris

John Oscar Patz,
U.S. Air Force, 1950.

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Being close to 11 months younger than I, John and I were as close as twins during our lives --- except for our latter high school years and the years 1950 to 1956 that we spent in the Air Force. Until our parents moved out of Buffalo, we were always roaming the city together . . . hopping trains . . . . going to the shows at noon and our parents hauling us out around 9 at night . . . the many usual exploits kids get in and out off.

In his early years, John was always happy go lucky . . . a social mixer and always broke and with his style was always hitting me up for money. If that didn’t work, he could wheedle money out of our Mom and would joke his way through problems. He was the kind of guy that was popular with the girls in high school. He once went on a date with 10 cents in his pocket . . . took a girl to the show . . . they had a soda and he came home with a quarter in his pocket. But then he was sort of the unlucky one who would catch poison ivy, have the hives, or always getting hurt some way. We almost lost him when he was around 10 years old or so to a seriously bad case of phenomena where he spent 10 days in an oxygen tent before getting well.

Betty (née Morris) and
John Oscar Patz, 1952.

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John quit high school before graduating and became a journeyman bricklayer for Local #45 in Buffalo with our Dad. He worked as a bricklayer until he entered the service, where he learned radio basics/ technics. While stationed in California, he married Elizabeth Viola (née Morris) on September 7, 1952. John then studied and received his GED diploma. After his Honorable Discharge, they moved back to Angola, New York and John was hired by the New York Telephone Co. From 1956 (when I hired out), we worked and lived nearby in the same general Dunkirk-Fredonia area for years, even after we retired. John started as a helper, then lineman, then splicer, and he retired about 39 years later as a switching technician

During this time, John also had a part time job working at Don’s Service station for over 25 years. He had no real hobbies etc., other than bowling. His major concerns were his dedication to his large family and his job.

Due to his early bout with phenomena and his smoking, it was no surprise emphysema was a major problem in his last years . . . to the point that the last couple years he could only leave the house to visit the Doctor. After about 10 to 15 paces, he was spent --- even while being on oxygen full time. John was well aware of his problem and, to his credit, shortly before his passing he had arranged for Betty to get a new car and weeks before contacted the various insurance etc. companies and in general made sure all his financial affairs were in order. John passed 5 days shy of his 75th birthday and now rests in the Holy Trinity Cemetery, Resurrection Mausoleum, in Dunkirk, N.Y . . . very near the vaults my wife and I have purchased. John is survived by his wife, four daughters, a son, numerous grand children and great grandchildren.

(Text written by Bernard William Patz Sr., his brother).

John Oscar Patz, June 1, 1931, 97 Grider Street, Buffalo, New York.

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Bernard George Patz, with sons John and Bernard, Jr. Newspaper article is probably from about 1932, showing difficult times that the family faced during the Depression.

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Rescue of John Oscar Patz, illustrating challenges of serving as a telephone lineman, January 12, 1959.

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John Oscar Patz and Betty (née Morris) Patz, 25th wedding anniversary, 1977.

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John Oscar Patz and Betty (née Morris) Patz, with photo of children and grandchildren, June, 1993.

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Parents of John Oscar Patz:

Descendants of John Oscar and Elizabeth Viola (née Morris) Patz:

  • Sue (née Patz) Thompson: Living.

  • Patricia (née Patz) Chassin: Living.

  • Cindy (née Patz) Griffith: Living.

  • Becky (née Patz) Mead: Living.

  • John Patz: Living.

General setting of the gravesite of John Oscar Patz, Resurrection Mausoleum, Holy Trinity Cemetery, Dunkirk, N.Y.

A map to the gravesite is available here.

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Gravesite of John Oscar Patz, Resurrection Mausoleum, Holy Trinity Cemetery, Dunkirk, N.Y.

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Site for cremains of John Oscar Patz, Resurrection Mausoleum, Holy Trinity Cemetery, Dunkirk, N.Y.

(Photo by Bernard Patz, 2005. Click on photo for enlargement, 200K)

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