Family and Descendants of
Friedrich Wilhelm Schwertfeger
= Frederick W. Schwert
(1863 - 1943)

Spouse: Pauline Wisozka
(1871 - 1932)

Friedrich Wilhelm Schwertfeger was born on October 20, 1863 in Groß-Golmkau, West Prussia. The village is today Gołębiewo, Poland. The baptismal ledger of the Catholic church at nearby Gardschau shows that Friedrich was baptized on October 25, 1863, with Johann Buchholz and Francisca Buchholz being witnesses.

On March 30, 1887, Friedrich departed the port of Hamburg, Germany, on the passenger ship Polynesia for New York City. The passenger list (obtained from LDS Microfilm #473087) shows that Friedrich was accompanied by his parents, Carl and Veronica (née Modrzejewska) Schwertfeger. Also on board were three of Friedrich's siblings: Maria Schwertfeger, Joseph Schwertfeger, and Rosalia Schwertfeger. The six joined the rest of Friedrich's siblings already residing in Buffalo, New York. The family's original surname was shortened to "Schwert" upon their emigration to the United States, and "Friedrich" became "Frederick."

On January 18, 1898, Friedrich married Pauline (née Wisozka), daughter of Ignatius and Maria Wisozki. According to the 1900 Census, Pauline was born in July, 1871, in "Germany."

The 1900 Census ward enumeration indicates that: 1) the couple resided in Buffalo at 197 Mulberry Street, along with 11 other people of three other families; and 2) Pauline emigrated to the United States in 1891; and 3) the couple probably were married in 1898 ("2" years of marriage, as of 1900).

We have found no evidence, either through their obituaries or through the U.S. census, that Friedrich and Pauline ever had any children. The 1890 Buffalo City Directory indicates that Friedrich worked as a shoe representative, and the 1900 U.S. census indicates that he was a "shoe maker."

Records provided by Geri Ellerbrock supply the following information on Friedrich's citizenship status:

  • Frederick Schwert
  • Country: Germany
  • Date of naturalization: Oct 1894
  • Declaration of allegiance: no date
  • Cert. or Vol. # 34 page 25, Superior Court # 2291
  • Witnesses: Frank Schwert and August Suci
    One listed witness was apparently his brother Frank Carl Schwert. The other listed witness may have been August Schlee (= Schlia), with the court records presenting a badly misspelled surname -- although this is only a conjecture on our part.

    Pauline died of nephritis on February 2, 1932, at the age of 60. Friedrich died in Saint Francis Hosptial of artereo sclerosis on April 25, 1943, at the age of 79. Both are interred in Lot 78, Section 8B, United German & French Cemetery (Pine Hill) in Cheektowaga, NY.

  • Parents of Friedrich Wilhelm Schwertfeger / Schwert:

    Graves of Friedrich and Pauline (née Wisoska) Schwertfeger / Schwert, Lot 78, Section 8B, United German & French Cemetery, Cheektowaga, NY.

    (Photos by Bernard Patz, 2001. Click on photo for enlargement, 34K)

    Documents and Other Artifacts:

    • Marriage Record: Friedrich Schwert and Pauline Wisoska, January 18, 1898, Saint Boniface R.C. Church, Buffalo, New York. Parents of Friedrich are listed as Carl Schwert and Veronica Metzaefska. Parents of Pauline are listed as Ignatius Wisoski and Mariana (née Gaziaska). Witnesses were Johann Schwert and Appolonia Wisoka.

    • 1900 U.S. Census: Frederick and Pauline (née Wisoska) Schwert. No children listed.

    • 1900 U.S. Census: Frederick and Pauline (née Wisoska) Schwert, census ward enumeration. No children listed.

    • 1905 New York State Census: Frederick and Pauline (née Wisoska) Schwert. No children listed.

    • 1910 U.S. Census: Frederick and Pauline (née Wisoska) Schwert. No children listed.

    • Interment Record: Pauline (née Wisoska) Schwert, United German & French Cemetery, Cheektowaga, NY.

    • Death Record: Diocese of Buffalo death record for Friedrich Schwert, died April 25, 1943, at the age of 79.

    • Obituary: Friedrich Schwert, April 25, 1943.

    • Interment Record: Friedrich Schwert, United German & French Cemetery, Cheektowaga, NY. is maintained by Donald P. Schwert, great great grandson of Carl and Veronica (née Modrzejewska) Schwertfeger (Schwert). We seek your assistance in helping us to develop this family history. Correspondence can be mailed to: Donald P. Schwert, 300 Broadway N #204, Fargo, ND, 58102-4720 U.S.A.

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