Links and Resources
for West Prussian Resources


  • Archiwalne Mapy Pomorza Gdanskiego - Comprehensive set of highly detailed maps for West and East Prussia.

  • Pomeranian Genealogical Association - Hosts a searchable database which includes a number of the families within the Schwertfeger/Schwert and associated lineages.

  • Pommern-Westpreußen-Danzig-Karte - Excellent maps for searching villages, churchs, denominations, hosted by Fritz Schulz.

  • Landkartenarchiv - A collection of old highway maps for Europe, especially Germany. Includes highway maps for West Prussia.

  • Praust - A wonderful interface for searching family records in the Praust region of West Prussia, about 10 km south of Danzig. Praust is today Pruszcz Gdanski.

  • Genealogie- Forum - Homepage of Doris Reuter, with many family history resources.

  • Familienforschung in Westpreußen - Homepage of Hans-Jürgen Wolf, with comprehensive resources for family research in West Prussia.

  • Genealogy in Historical Eastern Germany - Hauke Fehlberg's site includes resources and maps that greatly assist with family research for West Prussia.

  • Heimatseite Danzig - A personal family web page that provides many useful resources to those researching family histories for the region of Danzig.

  • FEEFHS - Federation of East European Family Histories. Large site, with many resources.

  • Germany-Prussia Mailing Lists - Overview and subscription instructions for the various listserves that serve those interested in German/Prussian family histories.

  • Trąbki Wielkie - Most of the Schwertfegers emigrated from the region of Lagschau (now Łaguszewo) in Trąbki Wielkie municipality southeast of Gdansk. Maps, photos, and other information for this region are available on this web site.

  • GermanRoots - A research site for Germans of American descent, maintained by Joe Beine.

  • West Prussian Land Records - West Prussian land register for 1772-1773.

  • PolandGenWeb - A research site for family history searches in what is now Poland.

  • Archdiocese of Gdansk - Polish web site with photographs and information on Roman Catholic churches within this archdiocese. Follow this link for specifics on the church at Kłodawa Gdanska (Kladau).

  • German Expulsion After World War II - A retrospective web site on the ethnic "cleansing" that forced millions of ethnic Germans from their homelands. is maintained by Donald P. Schwert, great great grandson of Carl and Veronica (née Modrzejewska) Schwertfeger (Schwert). We seek your assistance in helping us to develop this family history. Correspondence can be mailed to: Donald P. Schwert, 300 Broadway N #204, Fargo, ND, 58102-4720 U.S.A.

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